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Digital Transmedia Creative Expert RNCP

The CREATIVE PRO ART training prepares for the Bachelor Narrative & Digital Art as well as on  the creation of the title Expert(-te) Créative Numérique Transmédia  Level 6.

(file under investigation on France Competence)

The challenge is to train digital creative experts capable of mastering all digital techniques and responding to the new transmedia challenges,

from narrative techniques to   concept arts to offer innovative, more interactive and more immersive content and experiences by mastering the

most commonly used software in animation and video game production studios.


The Transmedia Digital Creative Expert must meet the transmedia versatility requirement, he must:


  • Understand the stakes of a narrative universe and be adaptative to different techniques.

  • Autonomously develop content adapted to different media (publishing-animation - video games - virtual reality, augmented reality).

  • Design the transmedia strategy, its timeline and financial study necessary to its deployment on the variety of media availables to promote the creation of a community.

Path (initials)

Training over 3 years with a baccalaureate level on tests and maintenance

Training over 2 years with a Bac+1 level in digital concept art creation

Training over 1 year with a Bac +2 level in digital animation creation

APEL access path

Anyone with professional experience in the field of creative transmedia techniques can ask to pass all or part of the required skills blocks.

Assessment Modality

The assessments are spread over continuous assessment with exercises and partials with role-playing, professional assessment during the internship period and final test with presentation of a transmedia project which is held in September.


The Transmedia Digital Creative Expert works in the creative industries sector: publishing, cinema, video games, board games, shows, events, advertising, museography, tourism, architecture, training, education, as well as any sector using multi-platforms.

Their adaptability as well as their varied skills adapted to the demand for versatility allow them to integrate structures of various sizes and sectors such as:


  • Video game production studios (independent studios or large company)

  • Audiovisual and film production studios (independent studio or majors, pre-production, post-production, etc.)

  • Board game production studios

  • Audiovisual and event production agencies

  • Communication agencies

  • Entertainment and communication services for private companies

  • Entertainment, cultural spaces and communication services for public entities

  • Digital artist workshops

The Transmedia Digital Creative Expert works as a digital artist with strong expertise in the strategy and deployment of techniques to develop and transfer artistic concepts to different media and respond to requests for interactive and immersive experiences for the field. public as well as private, the institutional, the associative world.

These requests cover the sectors of creative industries, culture, events, education, heritage, the tourism sector as well as the sectors of communication, industry and entertainment in the broad sense. .


He may be called upon to intervene on the design of the narrative universe, on the concept art, as well as on the deployment and production strategy according to the objectives and the budget.

It determines the actors and means to be implemented and supports the production by mastering all the professions of the production chains linked to the different media:


  • Concept Artist (Character Designer, Environment Designer)

  • 2D graphic designer / 3D modeler

  • 2D animator / 3D animator

  • Editor / Sound designer

  • Screenwriter / Storyboarder

  • Smodeur (video-mapping designer)


The Transmedia Digital Creative Expert must master the various digital creative techniques and their deployment in the context of transmedia with XR techniques.


He (she) must be able to design content adapted to each media, from a comic book or illustration project, to a teaser, an interactive application as well as the design and integration of visuals for a 2D or 3D video game, video mapping , an augmented reality or virtual reality application.


He (she) must master the various 2D and 3D digital creative techniques, 2D or 3D animation techniques as well as the integration procedures on video mapping projects, video games, interactive animation or virtual reality app.


He (she) must demonstrate interpersonal skills with interlocutors such as customers, artistic director, game designer, all the technicians of the publishing, animation or video game production chains and be required to use teamwork.


He (she) must be able to respond to the various requests from international studios, master professional exchanges in English as well as the specific rights related to digital media and present at international events concepts of transmedia universe for the search for partnerships. , funders or broadcasters.

He (she) acts with autonomy and, if necessary, with leadership and coordination responsibilities. These projects follow requests made directly by a client, by a contracting authority or through a project manager.


He (she) can work as an employee of a company, or as a freelancer directly for a client. Its activities differ according to the size and organization of the project.


For small projects, he (she) can independently lead the design and development of the transmedia project.


In the case of medium and large projects, he (she) works either within a hierarchical team under the responsibility of a project manager, or in a multidisciplinary team.


For block access, the skills assessed are:



        Dossier numérique 1 Narratif  

  • Design read theme, intent with cultural references

  • Create a general design research board

  • Create the characters, their role in the story

This part makes it possible to evaluate the coherence of the narrative universe and the mastery of the techniques of narration with a probable universe which respects the codes of the genre on a strong theme.



  • Character research board

  • Charadesign board with turn and expressions

  • Scenery and props research board

  • Ambiance search board

  • Board finalized scenery – props

This part of the files will make it possible to evaluate the coherence and mastery of the concept art and its originality in coherence with the narrative universe.



  • Transmedia project presentation board in 2D technique presenting the character(s) in a setting

  • Presentation document in 3D technique of the character

  •  Animation Storyboard

  • Production of a 2D or 3D animation

This part of the files makes it possible to evaluate the relevance of the choices for the presentation of the project and the mastery of 2D digital techniques, 3D digital techniques, 2D animation techniques.



  • Analysis of possible narrative extensions and choice of interactive or immersive experience depending on the resources, team and time available.

  • Team - Distribution of tasks - production schedule

  • Production of 2D and 3D digital drawing visuals for video games, augmented reality or virtual reality.

This part of the files makes it possible to assess the relevance of the choices of interactive or immersive experiences depending on the universe and the mastery of production of complex content in collaboration with developers of video games, augmented reality and virtual reality applications.



  • Simple transmedia strategy file to test the project with an audience with the different content, platforms, budget and planned timeline

  • Advanced transmedia strategy file with the different content, platforms, added value to the universe and provisional timeline.

  • List of partners and events to favor to find partners and funders

  • Financial study for the project and platform

This part of the files makes it possible to assess understanding of transmedia strategies, production and distribution circuits.


  • Design your CV and cover letter in English and in French

  • Create your business card and design publication links

  • Write your internship report

This part of the files will make it possible to evaluate the preparation and relevance of the professional presentation documents and the good appreciation of the professional sector by the candidate.

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