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STAGE OBSERVATION 3ème Nous accueillons en priorité les élèves ayant déjà réalisé des cours ou un stage vacances dessin ou jeu vidéo avec l'association Pyrénées Manga.  

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A stone's throw from the train station, the school offers a relaxed lifestyle with southwestern accents, with buildings in the heart of the city with its garden, it accommodates nearly 60 students. Tarbes, a student city, will charm you with its streets lined with palm trees and its astonishing panorama of the Pyrenees.

1 hour from the ski slopes and 1 hour 30 minutes from the beaches, the city of Tarbes is ideally placed for all sports enthusiasts.

The town center is lively around the squares and markets with its themed bars, specialist shops, fast food outlets, gardens and the Caminadour, an ideal circuit for jogging on the banks of the Adour ...

The Arsenal district is a perfect place to relax with friends with a cinema, a laser-quest, several restaurants and bars.

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  • BIJ Information Office

The Youth Information Office offers housing offers from individuals.


Resid. Houertis

34 Rue Larrey TARBES

Phone 0670455648


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