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RNCP Game XR Developer

The ART PRO DEVELOPER training prepares for the Bachelor Game AR/VR Developer as well as sur  the creation of the title of Virtual Reality Developer Augmented Reality Level 6.

(file under investigation on France Competence)

The challenge is to train developers(-its)  able to offer innovative, more interactive and more immersive content and experiences, to master design and integration across all platforms. available and master the languages and graphics engines most used in video game production studios.

The Video Game, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Developer must respond to requests for classic applications and applications  XR

  • To design the structure and content of the Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality application

  • Organize, produce and test to ensure a functional product for the customer

  • To carry out the publication and maintenance adapted to the different platforms.

Path (initials)

Training over 3 years with a baccalaureate level on tests and maintenance

2-year training with a Bac+1 level in Video Game developer on Unity

Training over 1 year with a Bac +2 level in Video Game developer on Unreal engine

APEL access path

Anyone with professional experience in the field of video game techniques and XR techniques can ask to pass all or part of the required skill blocks.

Assessment Modality

The assessments are spread over continuous assessment with exercises and partials with role-playing, professional assessment during the internship period and final test with presentation of a transmedia project which is held in September.


The Game Developer(-se)  XR work in the creative industries sector: video games, industries, health, army, advertising/multimedia, museography, training/education, as well as any sector using to programming.


Their adaptability as well as their varied skills adapted to the demand for versatility allow them to integrate structures of various sizes and sectors such as:


  • Video game production studios (independent studios or large company)

  • Serious Games development companies and studios

  • Real-time 3D software development companies

  • VR/AR software development companies and studios

  • Communication agency

The Augmented Reality (XR) Virtual Reality Developer works as a developer with strong expertise in the design and deployment of AR and VR techniques to develop immersive applications for different industries and meet demands for interactive experiences. and immersive for the public or private domain.

He may be called upon to intervene in the design of immersive XR applications , as well as in the production and maintenance of an application depending on the objectives and the budget. He masters the tools and the organization of production by mastering all the operations necessary for production and the possibility of occupying numerous positions  :


  • XR Developer

  • Video Game Developer

  • Software Developer

  • Game Play Developer

  • Network developer

  • Developer tool s

  • Engine Developer

  • Prototyping Developer

  • Multimedia Developer

  • Lead Developer

  • R&D developer (research and experimental development)

  • IT Developer

  • Junior Engine Developer


The Game Developer(-se)  XR must master production and development techniques on a game engine as well as code in the appropriate language and design new features. He must know how to master the integration of visuals provided by digital creatives or know the possible resources to develop immersive applications for different sectors of activity and meet the demands of interactive and immersive experiences.

He (she) must be able to design the structure and content of an XR application according to the objectives and the business plan . To do this, he (she) must be the bearer of relevant and original proposals and be able to determine the various techniques and software to be deployed that are most appropriate for immersive applications (virtual reality, augmented reality or interactive video mapping applications) depending on of the project.

He (she) must have the ability to set up test tools both internally and externally with the client and make all the necessary corrections.


He (she) masters publication and maintenance techniques both within a company and for a dedicated platform. He (she) must have an understanding of user requests and provide all the necessary application supplements. He must know how to master application network communication for monitoring updates.


He (she) must demonstrate interpersonal skills with interlocutors such as customers, game or level designer, team of Creatives or graphic designers and all the technicians of the production lines. They master collaborative work tools and be able to master professional exchanges in English.

He (she) acts with autonomy and, if necessary, with leadership and coordination responsibilities. These projects follow requests made directly by a client, by a contracting authority or through a project manager.


He (she) can work as an employee of a company, or as a freelancer directly for a client. Its activities differ according to the size and organization of the project.


For small projects, he (she) can independently lead the design and development of the transmedia project.


In the case of medium and large projects, he (she) works either within a hierarchical team under the responsibility of a project manager, or in a multidisciplinary team .


FULL TIME possibility of 650 HOURS alternation + COMPANY INTERNSHIP



- Design a Transmedia project

- Concept Art VR / AR video game

- Design of a Video Mapping

- Participation in a Game Jam

- Creation of a Transmedia file






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