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A school focused
on new technologies

ANATEN, a training institute , has been an innovative player in the digital professions in Occitania since 2018 to meet the needs of animation studios, video game studios and immersive experience projects.
ANATEN aims to offer professionalizing academic training for young students who wish to move into the digital image sector and short training (distance or face-to-face) to support professionals in their skills development.

The training is based on courses alternating theory, practice with tutored projects and end-of-year projects.  On their training, developers and creatives will regularly develop projects together to be close to real studio conditions.

An  Occitanian institute

Quality and ease of living greatly contribute to the success of its students (the cost of living is 20% lower than that of Toulouse and Bordeaux and 80% lower than that of Paris). At the foot of the Pyrenees and close to the Basque coast, Tarbes already hosts nearly 5,000 students and more than a hundred higher education courses.

Anaten welcomes promotions of 12 to 15 students on premises located near Tarbes station in the city center, the historic school located at 62 avenue Maréchal Joffre and its annex intended in particular for joint projects located at 2 rue André Breyer .

Our professional trainers in the sector

Our trainers are professionals in the sector, they regularly participate in "technical watch" points to constantly adapt methodologies, orientations and the evolution of professions.

The organization and structure of the school make it easy to contact teachers and follow exceptional trainers who  work in Annecy, Paris, Poland...


Tools for students

Our institute provides a graphic tablet with screen for each graphic designer and a laptop for the developers .

Each student is provided with personalized access to the school's dedicated server which will allow him to access his workspace as well as his software both from the institute and from his home.

For short courses, our Class Room and school discord are available.

Our DISCORD server


The school makes its DISCORD server available to students and trainers to facilitate the exchange of information for better monitoring of students.

Resource, internship and job fairs provide students with permanent access to information from the publishing, animation and video game sectors.


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Facilitate access to digital professions for the youngest

The ANATEN Institute is also with Pyrénées Manga Film Animation Video Game
interventions on events, with schools or in neighborhoods to discover the trades
and techniques of the Digital Image trades,

The Digital Image Academy
It's  for high school students, on Wednesdays and during the holidays, face-to-face or
remotely, the provision of tools and trainers with
the Academy of Digital Image to
support high school students in the technical bases dedicated to concept art or programming.

Holiday Internships
The opportunity also for some de  to reinforce their choice of orientation on Vacation Internships .

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Give access to all

In accordance with the law "for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people" of February 11, 2005, known as the Disability Act, we are committed in giving them the same chance to build their professional future by taking into account their specific needs


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